Sunday, February 27, 2011

Febuary 24th Thursday Knit Night

Hi There,
Another Thursday & another great night, full of laughter & knitting & crocheting.  The knitting/crocheting & conversation flowed so fast this past Thursday that it was at times impossible to keep up or insert an opinion in every fast changing subject.  Chris & I were left in the dust LOL!  There were a lot of new projects being done up around the table & I dutifully took pix of them all.  I was working on baby Liam's slipper socks & finished seaming them there, starting on the sock cuff that is knit on after main part of slipper is done.  Laura, one of the shop owners showed me a better way to seam up the cast on part & it worked much better than what I sewed on the other one.  Anyhow I finished the cuff later that night at home & Liam was wearing them by the next morning.  I have started the Mary Jane version for my Lovely granddaughter Alexa tonight while watching movies with Lon.  Our version of Saturday night, pizza, movies & knitting...not bad.  Had a freaking headache all darn day long & am glad to have it subside.  Okay so will shut up & post to Suzie's tomorrow for eating, knitting and BS'ing.  Am gonna make up a tray with vegies, cheese, olives, crackers & make some tuna to take to pass around. 

Laura & Chris were both knitting on the same sweater but in to different colors.  Chris' is a light pink, while Laura's is a lovely pale shade of lilac.  Very brave knitters with their first sweaters.

Here is a much better picture than last weeks of Ev's crocheted purse.  You can definately see the pleats better and the pattern picture is in the upper corner.  I think she has decided NOT to felt it as the pattern intended as it is just so elegant just the way it is.
Here is Erin trying on her sweater for size.  I wish the picture of this was better as it is really a simple but cute pattern and she knits so beautifully!
Suzy picked up this lovely new yarn baby & is trying her hand at the Curly Q scarf that Chris has already made two of.  I have to say Suzy yours is starting nicely and those colors are yummy looking.
This is Amy's camo cap she is crocheting for her young son.  He is going to love this.  She is going to be making him a partial face mask to go with it.  He is gonna love his Mommy BIG TIME for this set!
Here is Liam's Moc w/sock & they look adorable on him & are nice & warm.  Seriously this pattern knits up so quickly.  The longest part is the sock cuff you knit on afterward.  This would also look adorable without the sock cuff.
 This is a plaque Chris brought for show & tell that she bought.  It is adorable.  I think we might all get together sometime and try our hand at our own versions of this plaque.  Ummm, I guess we better start saving our knit & crochet magazines & sale papers.
All right that is all for now.  Hope this has inspired someone to pick up some sticks or a hook & get busy!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday Febuary 17th Knit Night

So it is Thursday again so that must mean knit night.  We had a nice group tonight and I am not sure how much knitting got done, but I know there was A LOT of laughing and teasing going around.  It was nice to see some returns of new faces and some old (meaning quite young LOL) faces.  Great to see a newby Chris again & we might have to take her out of the newby category after 3 weeks now.  Joann came to the shop for a yarn fix & it was nice to see her and her lovely scarf.  It has been forever since we have seen her & her grandbabies picture, with them all in the tub was just too adorable.  Suzy thanks for buying me a candy bar & cookies...a must for every knitter heeheehee!  Laura did some shopping at a yarn shop that is going out of business and played show & tell with her new purchases.  Chris has a brand new yarn baby we all passed around and molested.  Here is the picture of the poor mauled yarn, it is yummy!
The curly scarf is one Chris is knitting for her granddaughters American Girl doll as she finished the one from two weeks ago for her granddaughter.

 Above please note the pink hi lighting tape Ev & I bought this week.  Cannot wait to try it on an actual pattern.  Lost my place on a stocking while talking one knit night and ended up with a heel that was wacky cuz I missed a whole line of the set up...oopsy...hopefully this tape will take care of that.  Have been told it is awesome & 1 roll will last a long time.

 Here are the next yarns for yet another stocking.  I am on stocking 3 of like 12 I think...last time I counted anyhow. PS: I HATE knitting with fun fur...only for my granddaughter!

 My newest yarn babies I bought tonight (must support our LYS..which makes me practically a flipping saint)

 These lovelies are for more of those moccasin & Mary Jane slippers for my grandbabies & company!
 Here is the first Moccasin slipper almost done.  I just have to sew it up and add the sock, which you knit attached to it.  It's really just the cuff.  This slipper knit up really fast.  I could easily bang a pair out in a day if I wanted to.  I also bought the Mary Jane version which is adorable & I cannot wait to do a pair of those.  I made this one in the smallest toddler size for my 7 month old moose grandson and I think it might be too small...argh..that big footed child.
Here is Suzy & her awesome green Christmas stocking.  This is her first one, never having done a sock either and her heel flap is looking awesome...great tension girl!

 So the secret is out, Erin is not knitting a bra but a really pretty dish clothe for her Mama!  Congrats on the new house & good luck with the move next week.
 And then there's Laura Vamping with the yarn.  She's wearing her new purse she purchased at the yarn shop going out of business...the purse is too cute & she was gracious enough to let us all drool over it.  You can't see it & I am not sure I really did either but I am pretty sure as soon as I took this picture Laura turned around and was sniffing the yarn...hmph..some people just cannot be trusted around fiber, LOL!
I took this picture of Ev's project & it stinks...the photo, not the project.  This is a crocheted purse she will be felting with really cool large pleats in it.  The pattern is gorgeous & I cannot wait to get a better picture of this and of it done.  It is such a girly purse pattern & I think really a different pattern too.  She is using a really pretty grey yarn for the purse.
I took a picture standing outside of our local yarn shop & where we meet on Thursdays!
 I promise that is the last picture tonight & I will stop torturing ya'll now.
Tonight was a blast & I was glad to be well enough to make it tonight.  The most laughing I have done all week.  Thanks ladies for another great Stitch n Bitch!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My first hand spun skeins!

Today was an exciting day! By a sheer moment of universal luck I found a ride in to the yarn shop by the same woman who I have been wanting to teach me to spin. I learned the basics from Amy our newest hooker in the Needle Nutz group; but ended up learning tons this afternoon.
For a little background on myself. I've been crocheting for 4 years and knitting for 3. Over this last Christmas I was given an Ashford student drop spindle from my lovely sister-in-law. Did I mention she owns the River Side Yarn Gallery? Total family bonus but I digress...
My day started out well enough with my daily tarot card reading and me planning my next few knitting projects. Then the parents went to get the taxes done, I ended up in Wyandotte and spent the rest of the afternoon attached to my drop spindle. I learned from my lovely teacher how to pre-draft the fibers before spinning them in to yarn. When my hands could not spin any longer I took a break and picked out new Malabrigo yarn Anyone jealous yet?
When I came home the real fun began. I wound all my hand spun yarn in to 2 little smushy adorable skeins and set them to soak in a bath of warm water and wool wash that smells of lavender. Next I squeezed out the water by rolling them in an old towel and literally stomping on them! Yep I stomped on yarn. Nobody kill me; I have good reason for doing what I did. Next came the best part. In order to set the twist in my hand spun yarn I had to wack it on the tub. I swear its not a crazy cult initiation or anything but in order to help the twist to stay in the yarn that I spun you need to wack it against a hard surface.
Now I'm waiting for my lovely skeins to dry. I keep finding things to occupy me so I don't keep going upstairs to pet my very own yarn. Helping make dinner and blogging were my first two options for distraction. I'm thinking the third will have to involve chocolate and a glass of wine. When its all dry and pretty I promise to find a way to post pictures!
Happy crafting...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Some pointy stick love, too.

After sharing some awesome Vintage love with the hookers, I couldn't just leave the straights a-hangin'!

Voila!  Free Vintage Knitting

So much win, it hurts!  Click-Clack your way into some serious Vintage stylin'.  It's a buttload of awesome-sauce just waiting to be stitched up!

Your addictions have been enabled and fed.  You're welcome! :p

For all you Vintage loving hookers!

Found a link to a WONDERFUL Vintage crochet pattern site.  There is everything from clothing, accessories, toys (including doll clothes), household items, and more...and it's all FREE!

Free Vintage Crochet

There is some truly incredible and classic patterns there.  It makes me squee so hard!

I've added a permanent link to the sidebar, but it bears repeating here.  If you love vintage style and crochet, this site is a definite MUST SEE!

Off to drool some more and decide what doll clothes I want to make for my Diva Starz doll hehe!

Monday, February 7, 2011

wattlebird: New Blog Design

wattlebird: New Blog Design

Pictures From Thursday Febuary 3rd & Anti Super Bowl Party!

The last two pictures are Evelyn crocheting a dishcloth for Laura & Laura & her Fair Isle hat.  These were  taken at our Anti Super Bowl party at Suzi's house.  We got together and brought our knit/crochet & lots of tail gating goodies and knit our way through the Super bowl.  Okay Knit/crocheted/ate & laughed & played with babies!  This is the best way to get yourself through a Super Bowl & I highly recommend it!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Needle Nutz of Wyandotte Michigan!

We are a knitting & Crochet group called Needle Nutz and are on and we meet once a week at a local knit shop to stitch and biotch. We are open to all Fiber crafters not just knitters and crocheters. We meet in Wyandotte Michigan at Riverside Gallery Yarn shop. A wonderful shop with very kind and patient owners. Our meeting is 5pm to 8 pm on Thursday evenings. It does not cost anything but we do try to support our yarn shop through purchases. Of course this doesn’t mean every week you have to buy something but you know, every little bit of purchase helps these ladies and their business. It is a wonderful evening of sharing and laughing. A couple of weeks ago we were even on the news.
We will be sharing Crafty goodness and links here as well as the activities & projects from our Stitch N Biotch sessions. 
My name is Crystal and I am a knitter & I can crochet & sew. I am a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. Okay, will go for now more later!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stitch N Bitch

Who is posting right now? Crystal Sutliff
Who was there? Amy, Laura, Erin, Evelyn, Suzi & Crystal!
We also had a new lady join us named Chris & she was a sport.  Ev & I came in doing some good natured poking at each other and I encouraged Chris to join right in, which she did.  I knew I was going to like her right away.  Then she is knitting this beautiful Curly Q scarf in a yarn that was drool worthy and informs me she hauled herself all the way the way back to Frankenmuth (a little over 2 hours away) to learn how to do the pattern.  When you read this pattern on first look it is strait forward...wait for it...look cross your eyes and drive a little over two hours to Frankenmuth and take leasons, LOL, it definately has a trick to it.  Good for you Chris for getting it.  Erin finished this adorable skirt with knit in bloomers that are flat out scrummy yummy and I cannot wait till she gives this gift to the little one she knit for and brings us a picture of the baby girl wearing this.  She is also knitting little short...everyone say aaawwwweeeee!  This girl is just a knitting maniac.  She is just not afraid to tackle anything...she inspires me. 
Amy is currently crocheting a baby hat for her little diva girl Moira.  She just started to learn crochet and has taken off like she was born to it.  The hat I will be posting that she is wearing she just made up as well as the flowers she made to put on it..I know...amazing right!
Dani is knitting a Green & yellow sock and she is our resident sock knitting guru.  This girl fears no knit pattern at all and has a stash to rival a large knit shop.  She has a great big smile and will share knitting with anyone who needs a hand..but watch your yarn..she is a sniffer LOL!
Suzi is our resident large needle knitter.  She has problems with her hands and the larger needles allow her too knit and give her hands exercise without hurting her hands.  This girls tension was beautiful from the time she started knitting.  She also does crochet.
Next up is Evelyn.  We call her our resident hooker.  She is both the voice of reason & crazy.  She is a fantastic crocheter & we all fight over her crocheted dish cloths...they are the absolute best dish cloths...beating out knitted even..I am telling you....the best!  Will have to get her to take her crocheted purses out of hiding and picture some here...they are amazing.  Will also have to show and tell you about the amazing, scary growing scarf she made is a hoot!
And last but  not least is Laura.  She is a little firecracker and has mad skills as well as super powers.  She knits & crochets and did I mention she is blind...humph..blind my butt..she sees more than most people who are sited.  I cannot get away with anything with her..she freaking SEES everything LOL!  She does adorable knits.  I happened to win her crochet mitten ornament last December at our ornament exchange party...lucky me.  She is currently doing Fair Isle in a hat and the yarn, colors and her knitting are beautiful!  
Me?  Well I was working on another Red & white Christmas stocking.  I am currently making hat & mitten sets for next Christmas..Yup am starting already...and am making all my kids & Grandkids new stockings for my house so I can pass on their childhood stockings and still have some to stuff for them at my house.  I hope to take a Wallaby Sweater from five years ago that I never finished to next week to get help with.  Somehow screwed up the underarm sew up join so bad I cannot figure it out and it has sat here not being loved or worn for 5 long years.  I really really really messed up under there...and that is all that needs done and I can finally wear the darn thing.  Procrastinator?  Who Me? heeheehee..cough..umm..Yah!
We did a lot of laughing, knitting, crocheting & eating this week and it was a wonderful break in the week!  See you all here next week, unless one of us has something wonderfully fiberiffic to add!  I will post pictures from this weeks meeting in the next will be the pictures only.  
Have a Kniteriffic night!