Saturday, April 2, 2011

Knit Night March 31st

So, here is my story & I am sticking to it.  You can threaten to beat me with a rubber hose or drag me through the streets by rope & horse & I will not deviate from my story.  Actually that is not true.  I would cry & wail & gnash my teeth if you even showed me a picture of a rubber hose or neighed softly in my ear.  I would also disavow ever having a story at all, so here is my somewhat shaky version of knit night.  Erin happy Anniversary, hope you & your husband had a nice night.  I do wonder why you felt you couldn't come to knit night with hubs to celebrate.  We had tea & Macaroons dipped in chocolate & brownie bites and we were surrounded by fiber of all kinds.  What's more romantic than that I ask you?  Georgia finished her sock & it was lovely.  We passed it around the table & it was fondled by all.  Sometimes I think knitting just sounds dirty (insert naughty snicker here).  Georgia is also making a very lovely lacy baby blanket.  Now I will put pictures of her projects below but please note getting a good picture out of me is still a crap shoot.  I continue to try to do a better job, but I just don't seem to have the photography gene.  Laura continues to knit on her soft blue baby blanket & it is growing by leaps & bounds.  She is currently on spring break from school & I worried all night that she would end up dancing on the table wearing a lamp shade.  It never happened but with Laura you just never know.  Ev was crocheting on her gorgeous grey pleated purse & has decided her scientific method for determining how tall it will be is going to be based on running out of yarn....Yarn gone?  Purse finished.  I like a girl who thinks things through in this fashion.  Dinner plate clean, dinner out of gas, then I guess this is where I want to be...hmmmm, there might be a flaw in this kind of planning LOL!  Amy was working on her lime green crocheted shawl.  I have to say I like this shawl ripple pattern better in crochet than the knitted one she was originally doing.  Just suits the yarn better.  Thanks for the heads up about the felters group which I joined.  I also checked out the Nuno felting which is basically combining silk fabric & wool fibers & it is beautiful & very artsy.  If you haven't seen it check it out on utube.  Suzy was working on her stocking & turned her first heel.  Surprisingly it was the heel flap that caused her a couple of unpleasant moments & one major swear word shocking Miss Suzy!  Her heel though is lovely and something to be proud of.  Chris came in wearing her pretty hand knit pink sweater with matching pink earrings.  She also passed around a double crocheted scrubby, like the ones Ev was knitting but this one has a twist in the middle & one on each side.  Very cool design.  Chris was working on a lace pattern shawl I think in a pretty Pima Cotton yarn.  I think she got disgusted with it & shoved it in her knit bag for a time out before I could get a picture of it.  I was busy knitting on a soft lime green 6 inch teddy bear for my granddaughter & managed to get the legs done.  I have since brought it home & the body & head are now safely knit on. I just need to finish the arms, ears & muzzle then I will block stuff & sew.  Right now it just looks weird.  Oh & I finished my Wallabee sweater finally.  I knit it 5 years ago & screwed up the under arms, which were all I had left to do.  Put it away for lo these five years thinking the screwed up under arms were just the worst of mistakes and almost impossible to fix.  Well Laura has been at me to bring it in to see if I could get help, so I finally bit the bullet and drug the darn thing in for help.  When I presented it for help I finally looked at it again & darned if I hadn't made a mountain out of a mole hill.  Turns out if was just easy grafting & some darning needle magic and it is fine.  I have spent five years creating a drama that only existed in my mind.  Ugh!  What's the lesson I learned?  That I am an idiot & a knitting coward LOL!  Laura also brought me the needles to make the big needle sweater...I swear Laura you are a great big (and by great big I mean skinny) trouble maker.  You get me into more fixes, but as long as they are fiber related I will forgive you, heeheehee!  I also have one more slipper to finish & decide on the million of projects floating through my head that I want to do.  So many patterns & so little time  *SIGH*. Allrighty that about covers knit night.  Another great night full of fiber & fun.  Well other than Ev, Amy & Laura trying to get me and Suzy to walk across the street at the end of knitting to the health food store, when everyone knows any self respecting person wanting to be healthier would for sure drive there, so Suzy & I being the only two sane people left sat it out in the car while they hoofed it across the street.  Allright I am out!  Happy knitting everyone!
This is that double scrubby...very clever Chris.
Georgia's beautiful sock.  Sorry about the poopy picture.
Georgia's pretty baby blanket.  Lovely stitch which I know is hard to see...again sorry.  The bunny was knit by Laura one of the Owners of Riverside Yarn Gallery where we meet and is adorable.  The eggs I am going to give instructions to later.  
This is Laura's baby blanket.  A simple pattern with a lovely classic look.