Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 24th KNit Night!

Amidst much complaining, (from me) & whining, (again from me) and gnashing of teeth, (ummmm do I really need to say by who?), I began the sweater that is a simple knit in the round top down sweater on large needles.  I, who am not a fan of knitting on anything over a size ten needle caved & bought the crap...I mean lovely pattern & fiber for my own top down large needle sweater.  Chris reminded me of the knit on cast-on & I was off and running.  It was really more like a slow crawl but I wanted to impress you with that running bit.  The truth is the last time I ran, a toddler was heading bawls out towards a pool & for some reason this Na-Na thought she could still run & gave chase.  Well instead I ended up doing this wonderful slow stumble fall combination that had no resemblance at all to style, grace or dignity.  The toddler skirted the pool at the last minute, so just to let you know my heart was near cardiac arrest during the whole gymnastic routine I was performing.  And lest you think it couldn't get worse, well smarty pants you are soooo wrong.  This all happened during a backyard wedding with everyone in the free world in attendance. The saddest part was that I wasn't even really invited, but that is a story for another day & requires a couple glasses of wine to make it its funniest.  So I had the circular needles in 15 & 17 that I needed & away I went.  Well cast-on row.  Now to join in the round.  Wait why won't all the stitches stretch?  Everyone else started theirs on circ's no problem, plenty of stitches to make it connect just fine.  SLOW DUH!  The damn cables were too long and these weren't interchangeables.  Grrrr!  Hiss!  DAMN IT!  I am NOT wanting to buy another set of 15's & 17's.  Then someone suggested I wait until...crap..I cannot remember what the suggestion was but I remember thinking it was brilliant because it meant I could put off knitting the sweater a little longer.  Now because I am a pain in my OWN ass, I  found that as soon as I was let off the hook I really really wanted to start the damn sweater.  I didn't tell the crew though cuz I thought it might just be too much for them to find out at that particular moment how warped I am & the thought of being thrown out of this squad of delightful lunatics was just too much to think about after being sick since January.  I did not get any pictures this week as I was too busy flapping my gums.  It was nice to see Georgia again & nice of her to invite us to Wednesday mornings for another knitting group meeting.  I am hoping to go, though me and mornings aren't always on a first name basis.  Their was a new knitter there named Michelle...Oh please God let me have gotten the name right, she was knitting a cute diaper soaker, only having learned to knit a couple of weeks ago...she is doing extremely well.  I would not have guessed by her lovely tension that she was such a new go girl & welcome!  I hope I didn't scare her off...I was on a mix of chocolate & full bodied dark roast coffee.  To say I was being obnoxious is beyond polite!  Personally I would have tied me up in dirty cheap acrylic, if I were them LOL!  Anyhow...good Lord I ramble...I have to sit & think on how I am going to get the needles for this sweater & what to do with the other ones.  I do not need 15's & 17's in both 20" cables & 24" cable which the 24" is what I have in both..too long and Grrrr!  Erin was making a Harry Potter scarf & cursing & growling & I think at times she might have been strangling the scarf under the table...very vicious heeheee...she caught the terminal scarfus never endus disease every knitter gets when knitting a scarf.  I did the only polite thing I could think of & told her she was correct that the disease has no cure & she was right in thinking the damn scarf would never be finished needing just a few more rows!  I did mention I was under the influence of chocolate AND dark roast coffee right?  Okay..others were diligently knitting away & stuff but if I don't end this now I am going to have to start adding chapters to this blog & that ain't cool LOL!

March 17th Knit Night!

After missing a couple of weeks of knitting due to a cold that returned to me 3 times I was grateful to finally be back. I was still weak from being sick & about halfway through this night I almost laid my head down on the freaking table to simultaneously sleep & drool. I am pretty sure the fiber divas would have smacked me around with their knitting bags had I done that. I know that sounds nasty of them but perfectly normal compassionate people have been known to turn ferocious when it comes to getting human slobber on their yarn. I say human because they don't seem to have the same reaction when it is their beloved animals. I endured & kept myself upright & I think I even managed a whole whopping 3 rows of knitting on a toddler size slipper. It was pitiful but I have found if you make a lot of noise & grunt & groan A LOT about doing the knitting you can fool people into thinking you have just managed to knit almost an entire outfit LOL! But I know the truth, three lousy rows. So here are some picks of knit is Chris in her lovely new sweater. This is knit in the round on large needles & is a simple pattern. Michelle the shop owner has knit two of these, Chris has knit this lovely one & Laura has knit one. Dani bought the yarn to knit two of them and I finally caved & bought the pattern & yarn to make one even though I am not a fan of knitting on large needles, the mighty have fallen...I shall be making this one too and complaining the whole way LOL!
These are crocheted strawberries that Amy crocheted up. She just thunked up the pattern all by her little ole self. The girl is either two smart fer her own britches or has too much time on her hands BG!
Here is Dani & Laura knitting. Dani is making a really pretty two toned blue sock that I was trying to get a closer picture of and failed miserably.

Here is a picture of Laura Spinning with her drop spindle, very cool Laura!
This is Laura's knit baby bootie.
These are two scrubbies that Ev crocheted. Wait one of these was made by someone else. I think it was Chris? Anyhow, not pasties..scrubbies LOL!
so that was knit night and a good time was had by all!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Neighborhood Knits is returning!

I don't know if anyone had heard the news, but Neighborhood Knits has a new owner and will be reopening!  For those fans of the little yarn shop in Dearborn, this should be some seriously happy news.

The new owner is in process of setting up the legal end of things and is going to be relocating the shop to a larger space with more parking (still in Dearborn, of course), so it will take some time before it's back.  However, the simple news that it's not gone for good had elated this fiber fiend.

Don't for one minute think that this is traitorous or I am turning my back on my beloved LYS.  Riverside Yarn Gallery is still my number one shop in my heart of hearts.  With the loss of so many fiber craft related shops around Michigan in the last several months, it just makes me extremely happy to know that we will still have at least two quality shops Downriver.  Detroit and beyond has so many in there vicinities, that it was starting to feel like us "river rats" were being forgotten.

So, yay for Neighborhood Knits enduring!  Fiber for all!  Between NK and RYG, I know us Downriver stitchers will be more than well taken care of!

Off to crochet more on the Ripple Shawl now.

Stay crafty! :D

ETA:  I almost forgot!  You can keep informed on the progress of NK at The Neighborhood Knitter Blog.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tinking back

Have you ever had that moment when you hold up a finished project and just admire your work? I had one of those the other day when I finished the sweater I've been knitting in a pretty shade of lilac. I ran my hands up and down the body of the sweater admiring my work when I found: "IT!"
"IT" turned out to be a huge, gigantic offensive hole right in the middle of my left sleeve! Having fortitude and chocolate both in great supply I set out to sew up the hole. After all, how hard could it be? I'd simply sew up the hole, soak the sweater and then proudly wear the thing before it became to warm. Right?
Turns out not only was there one hole but it morphed in to 2 holes. As I was sewing up the first nasty hole a few more stitches dropped and I was left with another hole to fix. At this time I still had hope and so I trudged on sewing up the hole in my sleeve. I thought about tinking back to the spot but the thought of knitting the sleeve over again was just a little to much for my sense of pride. I knew that my sweater was far from perfect and I was accepting of that; as long as I could wear it I really didn't care about the hole. Until...
Yes, it gets better. After I sewed up the hole and wove in all the ends I thought I was done with the mini ordeal. I set the sweater to soak and when I came back a few minutes later to wrap it in several old towels I about died. Not only had the sweater grown and thus the hole had reopened, but the smell was enough to chase away even the most seasoned of knitters. Now I'm not a smoker, nor do I knit in bars while attempting to drink red wine while simultaneously lecturing my dates on the afordability of wool over synthetic fabrics; but at this moment in time I thought about that wool Vs. synthetics lecture and sided with synthetics! Not only did this sweater stink horribly of wet wool but it had a kind of raw animal smell as well. I worried as I laid the sweater on towels to dry in front of the fire that perhaps it would never stop smelling of wet dirty sheep.
I am happy to report that after 3 days in which I've petted, hugged, sniffed and even shown off my sweater the smell is gone; but the hole was not. Every time I put on the sweater, picked up the sweater, thought about the sweater I kept seeing the holes in the sleeve and my shitty attempt at fixing them. So today without the comforts of chocolate since I'm attempting to lose weight I began to contemplate tinking back to the holes and really fixing them for good. I gave up on my pride since that always goes before the fall and decided that I couldn't live with a sweater that wasn't my absolute best work. With the scissors in hand and a few stitch holders I began the long process of tinking back what to many would have been an acceptable sleeve; but to me was far from my best work.
Since I knew that I couldn't stand to tink back over half a sleeve I did the unthinkable. I took a pair of scissors to my sweater! Yes, I actually took a pair of scissors to my lovely, smooshy huggable sweater. I snipped the sleeve just below the shitty sewing job from yours truly and began to unravel my knitting. When I worked a row beyond the mistake that caused the hole I put my stitches on to 2 holders, counted them to figure out where I was in the decrease pattern and ripped out another row so that I was in my first round after a decrease row. It was at this point that I started to knit.... and knit.... and knit....
Now, 7 hours later I have a completed sweater once again. The sleeves are about as close to perfect as I can get them, I need to soak just a sleeve so I can block it to the exact shape as the other one but beyond that I'm happy! The sweater is done, the smell is gone, the cat is lying on it and all is right in the world once again.