Friday, June 10, 2011

Still alive and kicking!

Hi everyone!
I realized the other day that we have been neglecting our Blog. With a few of our members lacking a computer and others just being to busy we've been absent for a little while.
Never fear though we are still stitching and uh... bitching on Thursday nights at the Riverside Yarn Gallery in Wyandotte.
Here is what is happening with our current group:
1. Chris is working on the lovely Miyoko top. While the pattern is beautiful she is holding out on her verdict. Personally I think once she wears it she will love it.
2. Crystal is working on an adorable baby sweater that I really want to put in to my own knitting bag when she isn't looking. I haven't forgotten about the purple sock yarn she has either. I'm totally in love with that as well!
3. Amy is crocheting a ripple shawl that I'm totally jealous of! I can certainly crochet; and in fact, I taught Amy; but I'm definitely more of a knitter. Does that make Amy and I bistitchual?
4. Erin has been also knitting adorable baby sweaters, I believe her last count was 3 in the last 3 weeks? If only the rest of us could keep up with you!
5.Dani has been absent for a few weeks due to her foot surgery. I miss our resident yarn sniffer and sock guru!
6. Ev is crocheting another purse I believe. Totally gives a new spin on the whole bag lady thing. Ev is the total opposite of the little old lady with the shopping bag walking down the street; in part because the purses she crochets are so lovely.
7. Susie is working on her twirly scarf and finishing up a Christmas stocking. I give her props because of how many times she had to correct the pattern writers math!
8. I've been working on a sock and a few other random things. I picked up my spindle again and put the finishing touches on another baby sweater. I think it is becoming a theme for the summer with our group.
9. I hope the newbies that were brave enough to join us for a night come back! I promise I won't think about swiping your sock yarn or baby sweater until at least the second week. Laughs.


  1. Very nice update, Laura! I keep forgetting this lovely little blog is here. I'll have to make an effort to be more conscientious from now on lol.

  2. Laura, I just dropped in to see what this blog contained & am totally going to steal your word "bistitchual". I LOVE IT. You rock & are totally bistitchual! XD